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Your Auto Collision Specialists

Auto Collision SpecialistsIf you’ve recently gotten involved in a serious accident, chances are you need the services of an auto collision specialist.

You can count on a skilled and experienced auto collision specialist to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Fortunately, here at Autoworks Collision Specialists, you will be able to get the help you need to get your car back on the road.

Count On Our Auto Collision Specialists

Here are some of the services provided by our specialists here at Autoworks Collision Specialists.

Auto Collision SpecialistsPaint-less Dent Repair – One service we offer is paint-less dent repair (PDR). This service involves fixing minor dents in the body of a vehicle while keeping the paint surface of the vehicle completely intact. Our auto collision specialists can perform PDR for both steel and aluminum panels. If your car has hail damage, minor creases, door dings, or even large dents, you should consider our PDR service.

24/7 Towing – After a bad accident, you’re probably going to need a tow. Fortunately, you can just call us at 601-292-7981 and we will have your vehicle towed to our facility as soon as possible. At our facility, your vehicle will receive a through assessment for damage.

Claims – Not only can we make your vehicle good as new, but we can also handle the insurance claim process. Not only will we file a claim with the insurance company, but we can also arrange for a rental vehicle for you while your personal vehicle is restored to the pre-accident condition by our auto collision specialists.

Contact Us for Auto Collision Specialists

Autoworks Collision Specialists, a major player in the auto repair industry, is located in Jackson, Massachusetts.

Our office is located at 113a Briarwood Drive, Jackson, MS 39206. You can call us at 601-292-7981 during business hours.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer here at the Autoworks Collision Specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us at 601-292-7981.

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