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Scheduling Means You Get Your Car Back Sooner

Got a busy schedule? Schedule an auto body repair appointment with AutoWorks Collision Specialists and include as much information as possible in the notes section, including name, phone number, e-mail, insurance provider and claim number if you have it so we can spend your valuable time reviewing the damage to your vehicle rather than wasting time with administrative tasks while you’re here. If you have rental on your policy and will need a vehicle, be sure to let us know so that we can arrange to have one here when you arrive for your appointment.

Remember when you schedule an auto body repair, it is YOUR right to choose which shop to use to repair your vehicle. It is against the law for insurance companies to steer you to a particular body shop, although they may offer up suggestions. Ask yourself why your insurance wants you to use one shop over another? Do they have a contractual agreement with that shop? How can they serve your best interest (fixing your car correctly) and the insurance company’s interest (saving money) at the same time? The truth is, they can’t!

Tell your insurance company you’re going to do your research. Ask friends and relatives who have had work performed before where they’ve taken their car. When you find a shop you think might work for you, ask to see some of their finished work. Is their shop clean and organized or does it look like no one has swept in 20 years? What sort of training and certification do the technicians have? You might be surprised to know only 10% of body shops are I-CAR Gold Class Certified, and we happen to be just one of three in the Jackson metro. We hope that you’ll consider us your body shop of choice. Click below to schedule an auto body repair appointment.

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