Sikkens Autowave

Autoworks Collision Specialists Use Sikkens Autowave Products

Are you looking for the best waterborne paint solution on the market?

The Sikkens Autowave System provides excellent coverage and accuracy.

It is eco-friendly, offers low solvent emission, and meets all environmental regulations. Sikkens is a leader in the industry, and we at Autoworks Collision Specialists rely on this product to give our customers the best possible results.

Our shop is an I-CAR Gold Class Body Shop, respected and known for the highest quality collision repair. We only use Sikkens Autowave and the “Simple System” products for our customers.

Sikkens Autowave Waterborne Basecoat System

Sikkens Autowave is a unique waterborne refinishing system that complies with the auto industry’s changing environmental regulations. It stands out from other products on the market thanks to its combination of great, long-lasting coverage and environmentally friendly ingredients.Sikkens Autowave

This nearly odorless, low-emission product packs in a lot of color and durability. It’s ideal for both spot and edge-to-edge repairs. The Autowave’s fast and accurate color matching and smooth, even coverage makes blending a breeze.

It dries rapidly and offers fast and invisible repairs without a halo effect.

Sikkens Autowave is most effective when used with the “Sikkens Autowave Simple System.” This revolutionary three-step painting system involves a base layer of Colorbuild Plus 250 undercoat.

Sikkens Autowave basecoat rolls on smoothly next. This amazing product offers a quick and accurate color match with absolutely no haloing. Follow that up with a finishing coat from our Autoclear line.

This two-part application offers a long-lasting, glossy finish.

Finding Sikkens Autowave

Autoworks Collision Specialists is family owned and operated and serves the Jackson, MS region. We are proudly certified as I-Car Gold Class Professionals. Customers know they’re getting the best possible service when they visit our body shop.

Stop by Autoworks and we’ll lend our expertise to repainting and fully restoring your vehicle. Call us today or check out our online price quote estimator.

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